Renzetti Weighted Base Plate

Renzetti's Weighted Base Plate is the perfect solution for those looking to add more weight to their existing vise base.

With an additional weight of over 3.5 pounds, this base plate can be used with the Standard 6" x 6" base, as well as the Deluxe or Special Edition Pedestal Base, and even the Traveler Base. We offer two sleek colors to choose from

Silver powder coat, part #X8186 to match any clear Deluxe Pedestal Base, and

Black powder coat, Part # X8187 that can be used with both the Standard Black Pedestal Base or the Special Edition Pedestal Base.

The Weighted Base Plate comes with hardware to connect to all the pedestal bases and STem Support Renzetti manufactures, making it easy to install and use. Please note that while it can be used with the 5" x 5" Pedestal Base, the Weighted Base Plate is 6" x 6 "in size. You dont need to be adding another base Renzetti everything you need. Available thru Authorized Retailers worldwide