About us

Niall McCarthy - Owner

I first learned to fly fish on the Au Sable river with my dad when I was 10 years old. As I remember it, my dad spent his time untangling my tangles, while I thrashed the water with something that resembled a cast. During that trip we got lost on the South Branch, caught a few fish, watched an intoxicated canoeist jump off the Stephan bridge, and most importantly, I was imprinted with the joy of fly fishing.

Between that trip and now, I’ve fished from the Kispiox River to the flats of the Bahamas and many places in between. My favorite way to fish is to swing flies for steelhead in Michigan, Oregon or BC.

I never pass up an opportunity to fish for carp in the crystal clear waters of Grand Traverse Bay. Watching smallmouth demolish divers and poppers is the ultimate way for me to spend a day in the summer. When I really want to be humbled, I’ll throw gigantic musky flies until my arm falls off. The Hendrickson hatch on the Au Sable in May is always memorable for me.

In what I call my previous life, I worked in finance, specifically derivatives trading and market operations. While I enjoyed my time in finance, I eventually began to yearn for a career that was more fulfilling and aligned to my personal values so I began working at a fly shop.

After spending four years learning the fly fishing business from the ground up, I felt confident that I could run my own shop but better in every way...cue Motor City Anglers, founded in 2019. 

I am proud to have given countless anglers instruction for single hand casting and spey casting. These anglers have ranged from total greenhorns to some pretty damn good casters. I become delighted every time I watch an angler’s casting progress over the course of our lessons.

I am also proud to be a Signature Tyer for Catch Fly Fish

Our Beliefs

Motor City Anglers was founded on the belief that the best fly shop offers humble and expert guidance for all fly anglers. We proudly stock high quality fly fishing tackle that we fish and know well. We are thrilled at every chance we get to share our knowledge with our customers. Whether that means fishing new water, new tackle, or with a new technique; our hope is making your next day on the water your greatest yet.
Motor City Anglers proudly hosts an enjoyable and fulfilling workplace that encourages teamwork over individualism. Motor City Anglers is at its best when its employees are working together to please its customers.

Our mission is pretty simple-

When you’re happy, we’re happy.