Michigan Hatch Chart


Fancy Scientific Name Fly Name Size Hatch Season
Taeniopteryx nivalis Early Black Stone 10-16 March-April
Baetis tricaudatus Blue Wing Olive (BWO) 16-20 April-Middle of October
Ephemerella subvaria Hendrickson 10-14 End of April-May
Chimarra aterrima Black Caddis 14-18 End of April-Middle of June
Leptophlebia Great Mahogany 10-14 End of April-June
Paraleptophlebia adoptiva Little Mahogany 16-18 May-June
Trichoptera Tan Caddis 12-16 May-October
Ephemerella Invaria Sulphur 12-14 Middle of May-Middle of June
Ephemerella subvaria Sulphur 16-18 Middle of May-Middle of June
Ephemera simulans Brown Drakes 10-12 Middle of May-Middle of June
Pteronarcys Califonica Giant Stonefly of Michigan 4 Middle of May-June
Isoperla Yellow Sally 12-14 End of May-June
Baetisca Bat Fly 16-18 June
Siphlonurus quebecensis Gray Drake 10-14 June
Isonychia bicolor Iso 10-12 June
Hexagenia Limbata Hex 6-10 Middle of June-July
Formicidae Ant 12-18 July-September
Caelifera Hoppers 8-14 July-September
Gryllidae Cricket 10-14 July-September
Tricorythodes  Trico 18-24 Middle of July-Middle of September
Isonychia bicolor Iso 12-14 August-Middle of September
Ephoron leukon White Fly 12-14 Middle of August-Middle of September
Trichoptera October Caddis 10-14 End of September-October