Renzetti Traveler 2203 Pedestal Cam Vise

Renzetti Inc introduced the Traveler Series Vise to the world in 1988. It offered the True Rotary feature Renzetti Inc is known for, as well as portability, unquestionable hook holding power, and an affordable price. Since then it has become the most popular vise in the world.

In the constant quest for perfection, the Traveler Series Vises have undergone some major improvements like the cam jaws for faster tying, the incorporation of a larger base, and longer base stem. What they did not change is its distinctive Bent Shaft, a Trademark of Renzetti Vises praised for its unmatched strong hook holding power and versatility. 

It's difficult to improve on a classic, but the most visible change is the anodizing on all aluminum parts, which ensures a longer-lasting finish to the vise. A 7" stem on the base adds more comfort for the tyer, a larger base adds more balance and a polyurethane O-ring on the jaws adds longer wear to your tying experience.

To utilize the custom features of this vise, order it for a right-handed or left-handed tyer