Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Boat Net - Wild Run Edition

Discover the Nomad Mid-Length Boat Net Wild Run Edition, a fusion of purpose-built design and responsible angling practices. Crafted from carbon fiber and fiberglass, it boasts a 26-inch deep bag, making it an ideal solution for landing large, anadromous species like salmon and steelhead. Whether you find yourself wading the banks or floating a long run from the boat, the Wild Run Edition is tailored for a broad range of angling scenarios. With a balanced length and a comfortable handle, the frame of this net is well-suited for a net slot on your pack or stowed in a boat. Every angler's role is pivotal, and even a small improvement in survival rates can echo through population sustainability. In keeping with leading fish-handling principles, the Wild Run Edition minimizes unintentional mortality and impacts from catch-and-release practices with an extra-large, soft rubber net. Landing the fish of a lifetime is a thrilling gamble. With the Wild Run Edition, you’re not just playing; you’re leveling the odds.

● Basket Dimensions: 25" x 17.25"
● Bag Depth: 26"
● Total Length: 44.75”
● Handle Length: 19.75”
● Weight with rubber net bag: 1.85 lbs (29.6 oz)

● Carbon fiber and fiberglass composite
● Waterproof
● UV protected
● Buoyant
● Replaceable rubber net bag