Cubalaya Fair Chase G2s 6-8wt Click Pawl Fly Reel


Manufactured for use in salt water, proven to perform equally well in fresh water.

Medium 4 inch diameter click and pawl—no drag, which means the control is literally in your hands.

Over-sized palming surface on the spool edge gives the angler the contact surface necessary to easily adjust pressure on the fish by hand while keeping a deep bend in the rod.

Dual winding knobs for fine-tuning allow the angler to keep the reel balanced and seamlessly transition from palming to retrieving line.

Flip-flop (anti-reverse) bearing allows for both left and right hand retrieve.

Anti-reverse bearing allows for unencumbered line pick-up and immediate transition to the resistance of the clicker.

Designed and developed with the constant input of guides and seasoned anglers.


CNC machined in-house in Chicago, USA from aircraft-grade 6061 T6 Aluminum and 316L Stainless Steel.

Igus Iglide self-lubricating bushings and stainless steel hardware throughout.

Machined exclusively on Haas Equipment.

Applications and Line Info:

Designed for 6wt-8wt line

Ability to lightly load backing for a lighter weight fly line and still maintain large diameter palming control

Can heavily load backing to keep a higher line retrieval rate

Whats Included:

Complete Reel

Custom Reel Pouch