Airflo Superflo Tactical Fly Line

Some fish are afraid of their own shadow. Others have seen every fly known to man. So, when you’re up against the absolute pickiest of eaters, it’s time to pull out the Tactical Taper.

With a delicate front taper and extended rear taper, the Tactical Taper delivers the gentlest presentations you could ever imagine – even at long range. What’s more, since Polyurethane tolerates a much broader temperature range than does PVC, you can fish this line on a chilly day in the coldest of spring creeks or on a hot August afternoon for Browns lurking in the frog water – all without struggling with the line management issues so common to PVC during temperature extremes­.


Superflo Tactical Taper

Rod Size

Head length Head Weight 30 ft Head Weight (AFTMA)
Feet Grains Grains
3 42 142 100
4 44 174 120
5 46 211 140
6 46 248 160