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Over the course of 5 days, we fished 4 Islands and 60 miles of shoreline were explored. The keys to successful fishing in the great lakes is covering water. What looks like a super juicy bay on google maps might be a total dud, but the only way to find out is to pick the entire bay apart. Other times, it had the right structure but the water temperature was too close to 50 degrees. Some days we wouldn't see a fish or even make a cast for the first 3 hours of the day.

When we did find bass we would find dozens of them. Except for the minnow I snagged, all the bass were large or extra large. The bass were greedy and fearless. A fly that landed within 10' of them was chased down and devoured. They ate divers, popper, streamers and carp flies without hesitation. 
The following are some of the photos from the trip

Great Lakes Fly Fishing Shoreline
Adam fishing a sandy drop off. The water on the left was about 2' and the darker water on the right is 5'. While bass usually don't prefer sand, they will hang out on a drop off like this.

Fly Fishing Lake Michigan
Great looking shoreline but the water was too cold.

Smallmouth bass from Lake Michigan caught while fly fishing
A slightly larger than normal smallmouth bass from the great lakes. This one measured almost 20"

Lagoon on Lake Michigan
On the left side of this small beach was a warm shallow lagoon that had tons of bass and a few drum.

Lake Huron bass
Small head, big fingers and a big bass, no exaggerations here!

beer, sandwich and pickles on lake michigan
Fish hard, eat well

Who ate who?


Carp on the flats of lake Michigan
Once the water temperatures warmed up, we started to see a lot of carp. There are 2 in this photo to the left of the submerged boulder. Neither were in a good mood.

huge lake Michigan carp on the fly
A carp in the right mood and the biggest of the trip

lake Michigan carp
A smaller carp that ran well into the backing

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Chris Ford

July 16, 2022

So when do guide trips start

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