Designing Swing Flies for the Great Lakes

This presentation and fly tying class will reveal what it takes to create an effective steelhead swing fly - it's not what you think it is!

This class will consist of a brief presentation on steelhead swing flies followed by a detailed fly tying class. The fly tying skill level is intermediate. Students should be familiar with basic tying skills such as dubbing loops and whip finishes. 

Class takes place through Zoom. Participants will be emailed login info on day of class

Participants should have the following materials:

55 mm Fish-Skull Articulated Shanks

Flashabou or Holographic Flashabou that compliments the Polar Reflector Flash/Aqua Veil

Polar Reflector Flash or Aqua Veil of their choice

Ahrex Home Run Tube Double Hook

Brass or Lead Double Pupil Eyes in size Small

Any color of Ultra Thread 140