January 28, 2020 3 min read

The Submersible Packs are Next-level, Here’s Why:

The Simms Dry Creek Collection features a Sling, Hip Pack, Backpack and Pouch with revolutionary new technology: Tru Zip

In a nutshell, Tru Zip is an industrial strength grade zipper that functions and feels like a Ziploc Slider. There are no teeth on this zipper, which makes it very durable. The Tru Zip zipper glides smoothly along its track and is easy to use. The zipper is certified waterproof (IP67 waterproof/dustproof rating ) for 30 minutes up to 1 meter deep, and it’s also dustproof which means it's far less likely to fail. A certification of that level ensures your gear inside is safe from water in any fishing situation you encounter.

If you really want to dork out on the waterproof and dustproof ratings, read more here

Tru Zip was created by Nite Ize, a company with a funny name based in Boulder, Colorado. Check out their Tru Zip promo

The backpack and sling feature convenient net holsters on the back for quick access to long handled nets, and thoughtful small pocks inside and out. Both are comfortable and will handle a heavy amount of gear with ease.

dry creek z sling packdry creek z backpack

We are also especially fond of the Dry Creek Pouch for its simplicity. If you already have a sling or pack but need to keep essentials like your phone and keys dry no matter what, get yourself one of these. The pouch measures 14” by 10” which is enough room for a phone, keys and even a piece of light insulation.

dry creek z gear pouch

The Dry Creek collection also features the 25 liter Dry Creek Simple Backpack50 liter Dry Creek Simple Tote, Dry Creek Boat Bag, and  2 sizes of Dry Creek Duffels.

The Simple Backpack is a rock-solid backpack that every guide we know seems to have, and we think that's a good indication of its quality and design. Simms decreased its size this year, which is also a good thing. The old one was was absurdly large, so big in fact that you could fit a small drift boat in it! (Just kidding about the drift boat part). The Dry Creek Simple Pack comes in at 25 liters.
Dry Creek Simple Pack TanDry Creek Simple Pack Pacific BlueDry Creek Simple Pack Cloud Camo Grey
Another benefit of the smaller size is a smaller price: $139.95, which is pretty nice considering the old one was $209.95

The other noteworthy piece in the Dry Creek collection is the Dry Creek Simple Tote. As the name implies this is a simple tote bag. It's 50 liters which is large enough for a pair of waders, boots, fly boxes rain gear and a few more items you might use in a day of fishing. The Tote works great as a replacement to the hard-sided boat bags or wader duffel.

dry creek simple totedry creek tote cloud unloadeddry-creek-tote-cloud-full

Speaking of boat bags, Simms has a new one this year: the Dry Creek Boat Bag (Large). There’s only 1 size this year so it’s a little confusing why they added “Large” to the description.

dry creek boat bag

It is 40 liters and just plain killer. The fabric is waterproof, but the zipper just is water-resistant (a rating of IP53 if we had to totally guess). However, as long as the bag isn’t submerged in water your gear will be just fine. The bag has an overhanging lip over the zipper to make sure rain and snow doesn’t sneak into the bag. Our favorite feature of the bag is the one-hand operated latch system for ease of accessibility. The latch is basically fool-proof latch system to keep your gear safe.

And finally to round out the series, the somewhat plain but well-built Duffel.

The small, 60 liter duffel which comes in two colors, Tan and Admiral Blue is perfect for a weekend trip.

Dry Creek Duff Small TanDry Creek Duffel Small Pacific Blue

 The big brother, the Medium Dry Creek Duffel. It's 155 liters and big enough for a 4-6 day fishing trip. Both sizes are rugged, waterproof duffels built with protective roll-top closures.

The Simms Dry Creek Collection features 3 main colors: Cloud Camo Grey, Tan and Pacific. The dufflels also come in admiral blue. We love the Camo, because we love all things Simms in camo, but all of the colors really look sharp.

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