Mouse and Nocturnal Fly Patterns for Big Trout

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This fly tying class will cover 2 effective mouse patterns designed by former PM river guide, Kyle Hartman.

The fly tying skill level is intermediate. Students should be familiar with basic tying skills such as dubbing loops and whip finishes. 

Class takes place through Zoom. Participants will be emailed login info on day of class

Participants should have the following materials:

Fly 1
6 mm Black Foam
Barred Crazy Legs
Black Rooster Saddles
Black or Purple Cactus Chenille
Black Marabou
2461 2 Hook

Fly 2
6mm Tan Foam
White Rabbit Zonker
Tan Squirmy Wormy
Mouse Gray Rabbit Zonker
Orange Black Crazy Legs
Ultraor Veevus White GSP Thread
Purple Ice Dub
25 mm Waddington Shank
Size 1 Octopus Hook
Size 2 2441 Hook