Airflo Superflo River & Stream DEMO 5 Weight Fly Line

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For anglers who need a line to perform in the widest range of freshwater conditions. The River and Stream's moderate taper can change from dry fly fishing to nymphing to light streamers and fish effectively. This taper style also lends itself to easy casting for the widest range of casting styles. It’s as close to a “one size fits all” as you can get in a freshwater line. 

This is considered a "Demo" fly line. What that means is that it doesn't come in the box and plastic spool. Everything else about this fly line is the same as the $99.99 version. The fly line is new.

Item Length Head Head wt AFTMA Stand. wt.
 WF3F 105ft 46 140gn 115gn
 WF4F 105ft 46 165gn 135gn
 WF5F 105ft 46 190gn 155gn
WF6F 105ft 46 225gn 160gn
*AFTMA Stand. Wt – This is the AFTMA standard measurement which measures the grain weight of only the first 30 feet of the head.