Airflo Ridge Bass/Muskie Fly Line

Bass, pike and muskie fishing can bring out some of the biggest of the big flies. It’s going to take something extra specialized to get these monstrosities out to any distance and fishing properly.

With the knowledge of big fish guru Pat Ehlers, the Super-Dri Bass/Muskie was born. With its aggressive front taper and thick tip section, it has power where it counts. The powerful front is carried to its target with a long belly and rear taper designed to carry these rigs out as far as you’re willing to throw them.


Length Head Head Wt
WF6F 90ft 41 175gr
WF7F 90ft 41 200gr
WF8F 90ft 41 225gr
WF9F 90ft 41 260gr
WF10F 90ft 41 305gr