Airflo DEMO Super-DRI XCEED WF#7 Pumpkin Fly Line

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The SuperDri Xceed has been designed to load today's faster action fly rods. This slightly heavier weight forward head has a condensed taper optimized for casting into the wind and generating higher line speeds. This is the best floating line whether your fishing dries or subsurface.

This is a "Demo" fly line. What that means is that it doesn't come in the box and plastic spool. Everything else about this fly line is the same as the $84.99 version. The fly line is new. Both ends of the fly line have a loop



Total Length Head Tip Front Belly   Rear Taper Running Line Head weight AFTMA Weight (front 30')
100' 41' .5' 7' 27.5' 6' 59' 270 GR 204 GR